August 2 2007

Just a little site question

As you may have all noticed, I’ve gone image happy.  I think it’s a side effect of all my professional blogging and every one wants images with their stories, so I’m just used to doing it now.  Do you like it?  Hate it?  Indifferent?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Roy

    When bloggers post a photo of something which they took themselves or is an image that is new to the public than it has some value.

    However, if you post an image of an ipod (for example) that has been used on a million other websites and been seen by a billion people already, then it kinda feels like filler and doesn’t add anything of value. In my opinion.

    With gadgets, REAL photos, rather than the stock promotional images, tend to be more interesting to me. They usually have that raw, non-photoshopped realism that gives you a better idea of what the thing looks like in real life.

  • Hmmm excellent points, Roy. I’ll see about doing more original photos.

  • FWIW, I’m, by and large, with Roy on this though I think that certain things are better with a little illustration (such as the Blade Runner piece) even if you use “stock” or promotional pictures. It really depends on whether or not you have the opportunity to take your own shot or not and how well-known or publicized the subject matter is.

    Personally, I use both depending on my mood. Pictures (any pictures at all) tend to increase the chances someone will read your posts regularly as completely image-less blogs tend to look relatively bland. The only thing is they have to be appropriate to the piece. I’ve seen some pretty dubious usage of commonly-available images on other blogs.

  • Shari – The blandness was exactly why I opted to start including pictures. From working on the other blogs, I could see they made a difference, and after pages and pages of nothing but text on mine, it seemed an easy way to break things up.

    I’m definitely going to see about using my own photography more where possible.