August 4 2007

Random ramblings on Gmail and LiveJournal

GmailCould someone explain to me why the almighty Gmail does not have the ability to create folders?  Am I missing something?  Is there some trick I don’t know?  I am fully aware you can star mails, and you can search all of them, but I still would really like to sort them in to folders based on sender.

As  I am using the account more and more for my editors to contact me, I’d like to be able to sort them out… WHY CAN’T I?!?  And is it ever going to come out of “Beta”?

And while I’m in a slamming on web companies mood, shall we discuss LiveJournal and its parents company, Six Apart?  You would think after all the ill will they built with their userbase in May (which I discussed here and here), and they are now deleting more profiles for artwork.  Yes… DRAWN images.  You can read more about the latest deletions here.

LiveJournalWhile I hold no defense of child pornography, the images removed were drawn images which, under national law, are NOT illegal. They fall under “art” and therefore are only to be judged obscene by “community standards”, but in a situation such as this, what is the “community” to set the standards? Not to mention the deletions involved friends locked posts.

While that sort of artwork is not my cup of tea, I do not condone censorship of one’s artistic impression UNLESS it harms another.  (i.e. photos of naked children having sex is not art, it’s filth as it harms those in the photos)  Someone drawing something harms no one, and you have the power not to view it.  SA/LJ is acting a morality police now, and that’s just not right.

So, after several years on LJ, I’m shutting down that account and will only be posting here from now on.  While I may not personally like that type of artwork, I can not agree with people being censored in private postings, or really any postings.  I did find a pretty nifty program called LJ Archive (thanks Bren!) that let me archive all my postings and comments, I highly recommend it for anyone using LJ, or leaving it.

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