August 5 2007

Elton John

This man wants the Internet shut down for five years.

I know… cheap shot, but come on.

I’m a few days behind on this, but I’ve been A)busy and B)I had to keep shaking my head about it.

He feels that the Internet is killing creativity and harming music and that it should be shut down for five years and see what happens with the production of music. He also adds that people are no longer communicating because of the Internet, we just sit in our houses and blog. (*cough* yes, the irony is not lost on me)

Now, yes, Sir Elton admits he doesn’t understand the ‘net, so he doesn’t understand just how insanely impossible it is to shut down the net barring a world-wide disaster. It was designed to survive a nuclear war, so, I think Elton’s out of luck.

I also think he’s out of his ever loving mind.

The Internet has brought so much more music to me that I would have never experienced. Just this week I was introduced to a couple of bands from France I have never heard of, and I liked them. (and a friend from Brazil told me about one of them, if that’s not communicating, I don’t know what is)

I have no clue what brought this about, or why he feels he is expert enough to call for such a thing, but he really comes off as a doddering old man with statements like this. Could the same things have been said when radio came about? What about Television? He is afraid of a “new” technology which he doesn’t understand.

If he’s really serious, may I suggest he make the first bold move and shut down

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