August 10 2007

1-800-Flowers Delivers A Divorce… kinda

1-800-Flowers Delivers A Divroce... kindaYeesh.

So apparently when you are having an affair, perhaps you shouldn’t send your girlfriend flowers via a national flower service where you have to use a credit card? You know, shop local, use cash, keep the local economy rolling.
See, Leroy Greer, was in the middle of an “amicable divorce”, and he just couldn’t wait to start dating. Now, when courting a lady, usually you send flowers, which he did, and he made note that‘s privacy policy provided for them not to share private information with third parties if he clicked the box requesting such. He did.

His soon to be ex-wife gets the bill and calls the company to see what the order was. They faxed her a copy of the bill and she saw the flowers were for another woman and included a note:

“Just wanted to say that I love you and you mean the world to me!”


So, the so-called amicable divorce is no longer oh so amicable, and on top of her alimony, she wants a payment for $300,000.

Now, this being America, good ole Leroy thinks he should, and now has, sue 1-800-Flowers for $1 million dollar in damages for violating his request that his information not be shared with third parties.

Yeah… here comes my rant.

The way I see it, until the divorce was finalized, and they are sharing a credit card, that means she’s not a third party. If she knows the credit card number, has a copy of the credit card statement, and shares his last name… I don’t get it. Marriage, by law, is defined as a partnership, so, she is still technically his partner.

Unless the law is re-written, fracturing the most basic understandings of how marriage operates, then this man has no case. But, as I said earlier, this being America, he of course has to try, tying up even more of the precious time of the judicial system with his claim.

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