August 11 2007

Flash Gordon

Flash GordonThe Sci Fi channel premiered its latest original series, Flash Gordon, last night and… wow.

Not a good “wow” mind you, more of a “Holy hell, who approved this steaming pile of crap to be put on my television?”  kinda “wow”.

With the exception of Battlestar Galactica and Dr. Who (which Sci Fi has nothing to do with the production of), you really have to wonder how one channel can consistently have such sub-par writing.  Stargate SG-1, which has now thankfully been sent to the TV graveyard, had some of the most scattered writing I think I have ever seen.  For every 1 episode that was decent, there were 10 you hated yourself for watching.

So what was wrong with Flash? Everything. The pacing was awful, the acting was abysmal, the basic concept of Flash Gordon being trapped on Mongo was changed, it was just a really painful 90 minuted for a premiere which is supposed to set the tone of the entire series.

I, for one, will bot be going past the first episode of this train wreck.   Bring on Galactica season 4, thank you very much.

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  • Jo

    We agree it wasn’t too impressive; but then we are SG fans – what do we know? But its not going to be a regular DVR recording.

  • Michele

    Oh sooooo true! And although not a genius show – my new guilty pleasure (Blood Ties on Lifetime) LOST a great co-star to this big pile of mess. Bring back Battlestar indeed. And then comes word that Dresden Files isn’t coming back but this got a green light.

    At least Painkiller Jane has been AX’d. Great comic – TERRIBLE TERRIBLE series by no fault of Loken. It’s like making Elektra a part of a team series – oh wait bad example as that female comic hero adaption sucked too.

    Anyway – back to the topic at hand – Gordon sucks. I predict they will run out the season 1 episodes. Quickly release to DVD and then trash it.

    Sci-fi better get it’s act together quick because after BSG goes Bye Bye – they will have nothing. And since they passed on Caprica (or so rumored) and Eick and Moore are full on NBC producers soon (not merely SCi-fi channel) they will have nothing in the gate except for Doctor Who and perhaps some day Torchwood (which most people can start watching on BBC America anyway)