August 12 2007

Ace Of Cakes

Ace Of CakesI watch a lot of the Food Network. As someone trying to lose weight, probably not the best idea, but I still do it.

One show that fascinates me is Ace Of Cakes. The show goes inside Charm City Cakes in Baltimore,MD, and each episode presents three or so cakes they are making that week and all the trials and problems they run in to with each. (You can browse a gallery of their works here)

There is no denying that these people make some amazing looking cakes, but there is one question that has driven me nuts since the show started:How do they taste?

I don’t think I have ever actually seen anyone taste one of these cakes. Sure, they look good sitting on a table, but at the end of the day, they’re still a cake. People pay outrageous sums of money for these things (I remember one episode mentioning someone paying $3,000 for one), andI have yet to see anyone take a bite of one. Could we just once see someone take a forkful out and give us a reaction to it?

This has actually gotten almost to the point of an obsession with me. HOW DO THEY TASTE?!? I don’t plan on paying $3K for a cake just to find out, but dammit… I WANNA KNOW!

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