August 13 2007


1-18-08The insanity surrounding this mysterious movie-with-no-name-yet, but most call it 1-18-08, is getting way out of control.

It all pretty much started with a trailer in front of the Transformers movie that had no name attached to it, just the release date of 1-18-08. I have to admit, I was immediately sucked in like I haven’t been by a trailer in years. The buzz in the audience was palpable with “What is this?”

So, being the day-and-age of the Internet, there has been much speculation and investigation on this project, and some pieces are falling in to place, but many others still are elusive.

What is known for sure:

– Has something to do with monsters, some debate on the size of the monsters, but I think the poster to the left (click for bigger size) makes it fairly clear the size is “big”.

– The movie is still filming currently in NYC and uses the codenames “Cloverfield” and “Cheese”.

– The movie is reported to have a handheld video camera feel as if from the perspective of real people out on the streets trying to survive this huge attack.

– Two posters have been released, same image on both, one says “Monstrous” and the other, pictured here, says “Furious”.

– The cast is filled with unknowns, I imagine this was done A)to be easier to keep it quiet and B)make it more about the story than the “names” in it.

– The blog “Cloverfield Movie Blog” has discovered seven MySpace profiles that appear to be fake accounts for seven of the characters in the movie.

Beth McIntrye – 26, seems to be looking for Mr. Right
Rob Hawkins – “Robbie”, 26
Hudson Platt – “Platt”, 26, comic book geek and probably the group clown. Sadly I can identify every character in the background pics used for his page.
Lily Ford – 26, very liberal, maybe the loud opinionated character.
Marlena Diamond – 26, not sure what type she is.
Jamie Rascano – 25, the party girl of the group.
JJ Hawkins – 28, guessing the “J” from the flipped pics because the writing is so different from Jamie.

I have to admit that I hate being sucked in to viral marketing programs, but I am totally enthralled with watching this unfold; I am beyond anxious to discover what the big story is behind this film. The production company behind it, Bad Robot, is the JJ Abrams production house behind such shows as Alias and Lost, so they do know how to weave a mystery. (Don’t even say it, Roy…) The problem is, they know how to weave them, but not always how to solve them. I am hopeful though that we won’t be left scratching our heads at the end of this.

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