August 19 2007

Brides and coffee!

BridezillasAs I now spend my weekends catching up on my writing assignments, I leave the TV on some pretty odd shows during the afternoons. Enter Bridezillas.

Could someone please explain to me how:

A) People can get this out of control over something like a wedding? Yes, it is a “special day”, but does that excuse people turning in to super idiots?

B) How do these people sign off on letting themselves being shown on this show?

C) And here’s the one that kills me… how do they know in advance they’re going to be a Bridezilla? hmmm wouldn’t want to say it’s a set up or anything.

Folgers Free SampleThe only good thing to come out of today? Folgers is running a special promotion called The Wakeup Special where you just go to their site, fill out a form and get a free sample of their new coffee.

I must admit to having a… “slight”… coffee addiction.  Actually, to the point my friend who is a registered nurse has started complaining to me that I may be doing too much caffeine.  I mean really, who could ever saythatIamdrinkingtoomuchcoffeeandgettingjitteryandramblingonandonandonIdon’thaveaproblemIcanstopanytimeIwant… okay… maybe she has a point…

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