August 24 2007

Galina is waiting to meet you!

Galina is waiting to meet you!I talked about this in February, and it is still going on…

Yes folks, I can STILL meet women from Russia who just want love!

Isn’t Galina lovely?  Why, she almost makes me want to give money to “A Foreign Affair” to fly me to the Ukraine to meet her.

These have been coming in for a year or more on my AOL account, and no matter how many times I got through their unsubscribe system, it never happens.  So, every week I am treated to these wonderful emails showing me all the lovely ladies I can chose from.

Beyond the fact I want to toss a Maltov Cocktail at the server that sends me these emails, one has to wonder how many idiotic men fall for this farce.  What makes them think that if they are having such horrible luck with the women in this country that these women are truly in love with them and not just using them to come to the USA?  I mean… seriously, they fall for this?

Well, obviously some do since I keep getting these stupid emails.

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