August 28 2007

Even More HD-DVD Temptation

Even More HD-DVD TemptationThe HD-DVD/Blu-ray war just got a bit more interesting over the Amazon way.

Right now, if you buy a Toshiba HD-A2, HD-A20 (pictured to the left), or an HD-XA2, not only do you get the free five mail-away movies they’ve been offering (which the choices are fairly lackluster, I will admit), Amazon will give you three movies instantly for free, and their selection is pretty nice.

But, where is the format war in all this you ask?

They have a similar deal running if you purchase a Sony Playstation 3, 60GB model. Get three movies instantly for free, and then you can mail in for five more.

Oh no, this doesn’t make this decision any harder at all!

The free instant movies last until September 23rd, the mail-aways are good until October 31st.

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