August 29 2007

Google Ads

Google AdsNot that I think a lot of you go hunting around in my archives, but all posts older than 30 days now have Google Adsense ads in them and will continue from here forward.  I figure 30 days ad-free is more than fair, and this is all about the search engine traffic.  Since I just added it, and I always believe in ebing upfront about the site with everyone, thought I should let you know.

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  • Roy

    Personally, I think you should put google ads on every page. BECAUSE if a person comes to your page via a search engine and realizes that your content sucks then they may leave by clicking on a contextual link. You make money on people to don’t like your content rather than the ones that do. And the ones that do come back usually read your content via RSS readers anyway.

  • Roy – Well, a lot of blog tip sites I’ve read say stay away from the most recent posts so as not to annoy the casual surfer. I might go to less than 30 days (I can set any number I want), but I really don’t see me hitting every page. Unless I figure out a way to different sizes for different times.

  • Hmmm… maybe I should do the same. Actually, a big heap of my traffic comes via people visiting old posts, using them as watering holes for various topics. Two of the biggest are the eyelid twitching and the American bases in Japan (the latter is populated by veterans who served in Japan way back when). I don’t know or associate with these people, and figure, hey, why not see if they’ll give back?

    But I like your 30-days thing; I have always been reluctant to have ads, even innocuous ones, foisted upon my readers. But more than 30 days old and posts cease to be fodder for readers, and instead become the diet of Googlers clicking through, and, in 99% of the cases, never ever coming back again, except if they happen to Google through again.

    How do you get started with Google AdSense? Is there a plugin for WordPress which does the 30-days thing automatically? Do tell!

  • Roy

    Luis, I’m surprised you haven’t monetized your blog earlier. FWIW I get about $200+ per month from adsense which pays for my phone bill and Internet and server etc. But that’s nothing compared to people I know you make more money than my yearly income!! No kidding! I have some ebooks I can send you if you are interested.

  • Roy

    And about the ads being forced upon people. Personally I think you can do it well without making it so intrusive. You are providing a service to others with your writing you should get something for it.

  • Roy

    If you don’t believe me read this:

    ALL TRUE. OK now I’ll shut up about it.