I wrote DailyMe up on Mashable this week, and I don’t thrill to bringing stories over, but I really, really, liked this site. It’s another news aggregator site, like we need another, but this one has some nifty new twists. You can dictate the news you want by category or keywords easily enough, but the… read more


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September 29 2007


No no no no no no no! I am so NOT excited about this, but over the next few days I have to do a sample video blog for one of my projects. I am NOT a photogenic person, I am NOT excited about this, and quite frankly am dreading it! Where do I do… read more

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Does anyone else find it as funny as I do that Microsoft just can’t seem to escape the specter of Windows XP? Originally Windows XP was just to disappear, but then consumers demanded it go back in to factory built computers again.  They conceded and said XP still would end sales in January 2008. Well,… read more

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I’m sure you’ve heard about this by now. Chris Silver Smith of The Natural Search Blog ran across the buildings at left when using Google Maps, and posted it to his Flickr account, then all heck breaks loose as the media gets a hold of it. The unfortunately designed buildings are the Naval Construction Force’s… read more

Ever just had one of those days? I actually woke up in a good mood… I know… try not to be shocked.  It lasted about a 1/2 hour. When I got to work, as my system started up, there was a notice of an email on my Gmail account which pretty much assures it relates… read more


Amazon has finally launched their MP3 store (as a beta…) and it is DRM-Free as promised! Meaning their files can be played on any MP3 player, and by either iTunes or Windows Media Player. Not only that, but is is also encoded at 256kbs, as opposed to iTunes 192kbs, providing for a higher quality file.… read more

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Today was an insane day for writing on the professional blogs (15 pieces in 5 hours for Mashable, and 2 pieces so far for BLORGE) and in all of this I noticed something… IS EVERY ONE IN “BETA”?!? What is it with websites being obsessed with being in “beta” mode? Eight of the stories over… read more

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Well, I finally read it. And what did I think of the fabled Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? It sucked. (There may be spoilers from here on out, but as the book is two months old, you can lump it.) The only thing I can think to say is that Ms. Rowling has succumbed… read more


Roy IMed me on Gtalk the other night about this.  He had read about it on the 4-hour Workweek blog and he was fairly certain I couldn’t do it. Basically the premise is fairly simple: You get yourself one of these purple bracelets, put it on a wrist, and the first time you complain about… read more

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Back in July I bought the Phillips VoIP841B system for my warehouse, and after trying it out for awhile, I just have to say I love it. The basic idea is it’s a dual-mode system that can work with your traditional landline as well as your Skype account. While I have the landline plugged in,… read more

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I don’t care how you mock me… I enjoyed the hell out of six seasons of Sex and the City. Well written, spot on acting, and just a lot of fun. That being said, I’m still not entirely sure why they’re making a movie of it. The series gave us a pretty definitive ending. Carrie… read more

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Wow, so, they’ve actually tracked down the actual birthday of “:-)” and “:-(“. To the left, you can see an actual copy of the first email to use it. It was first used on September 19th, 1982 by Scott Fahlman on the Carnegie Mellon computer system as a way to let people know when sarcasm… read more

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