September 2 2007

Fever Pitch

Fever PitchBased on the novel of the same name, Fever Pitch tells the story of how a child of divorce connects with his father over the Arsenal Football Club. Though it started as a bonding experience, the young man’s love affair with the game continues into his adult life, coloring all of his interpersonal relationships.

The original novel was written by Nick Hornby, also known for both the book and movie High Fidelity, differs from the novel in that Hornby fictionalized himself as a character named Paul Ashworth, and shortened the story to focus more on the 1988-89 championship season of the club.  The book covered numerous occurrences  throughout the author’s life, and pinned each to a particular Arsenal match.

When I heard there was a movie (I only read the book last summer), I couldn’t quite picture how they were going to pull it off, but they did a wonderful job.  It is just another quiet, little English movie about life, something they do so amned well.

While the idea of it only being about soccer may turn some people off, it is more about passion for anything, and how true passion can be infectious.  Paul’s life is filled with people who don’t “get” his undying love of the club, or what it means to him on a multitude of levels.  This movie could have just as well been about cars, or stamp collecting, because the object of the passion isn’t the point, it’s the emotion of the passion that is.

By the way, ignore the image, that’s an old DVD cover and appears nowhere in the film.

4 out of 5 stars for just being quiet and charming.

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