September 3 2007

For Your Consideration

For Your ConsiderationAt last, I think someone finally told Christopher Guest that his mockumentry style films were growing stale!

For Your Consideration is in the same vain his mockumentries (This Is Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, and A Mighty Wind), but removed the mockumentry and made it more of just a standard comedy film with the same flavor.  (did I just make ANY sense?)

While I’ve enjoyed all the previous films in this “pseudo-series”, they were stating to feel a bit stale with Best In Show and picked up slightly in A Mighty Wind, but still wasn’t up to the par of the first two.  Considering this film had all the same cast and crew, with a few additions, it speaks to the fact it was the format and not the considerable talents involved in these productions.

This time around, the story follows the production of a film named “Home For Purim” that no one believes in and is filled with washed-up actors.  After a movie rumor site starts saying that one of the actors, Marilyn Hack (played brilliantly by Catherine O’Hara), will be getting an Oscar nomination, the buzz around the film snowballs to out-of-control proportions.  Soon everyone is “rumored” to be getting an Academy nod, egos explode, the production spirals out of control and… I won’t ruin it.

I’m not 100% sure why this one worked so much better than the last two efforts, but it did.  As I said earlier, I think it was the format was just growing stale, and the cast really sank their teeth into this one, playing archetypes they probably have all encountered in Hollywood at one time or another.

As a stand-alone film, it’s a fun time if you’re in to films, but it may not be for everyone.  As a part of  the Christopher Guest series of films with this cast, he got his stride back.

4 out of 5 stars.

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