September 4 2007

Educational Discrimination On LinkedIn

Educational Discrimantion On LinkedInI’m fairly new to LinkedIn, but something is really annoying me about it: The lack of ability to finish my profile because I didn’t go to college.

As you can see from the image to the left, I can only “complete” my profile if I fill in my educational history. And, yes, I see that would only take me to 80%, but as this is done in steps, I have no clue what is after the educational part because I can’t fill it in.

I have mentioned in the past I attempted college, found it wasn’t for me, and I left. I fully believe college is NOT for everyone, and my problem was I already had a business by the time I went, trying to learn business “theory” was driving me mad. I have spoken with a lot of my friends about this who are nurses, in law school, and so on, and all agree, I doomed myself by going for a business degree, but oh well. It’s what I wanted to study, it didn’t work out, I got on with my life, and I think I do pretty well for someone without a formal degree.

With that being said, apparently LinkedIn feels you are nothing without one. I did graduate high school, but they do not offer those as an answer for the educational portion. Is it just me or is this a form of educational discrimination? There have been lots of people in the world who have gone on to be professionals without ever going to college, but for some reason, LinkedIn, does not feel we are worthy of completing their little profiles.

I am going to leave my membership there, but I can’t say I exactly have a warm place in my heart for them.

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