September 5 2007

iPod Goodness For The Holidays

I can’t go into much detail because I already covered this professionally for BLORGE, but I do have some thoughts.

iPod Shuffle 2007iPod Shuffle – Really… some people still buy these? Well, they got new colors, so yippee for those who want them. I have to say $79 makes no sense to me.

iPod Nano 2007iPod Nano – Video and games have been added, new form factor, it sounds like a shrunken down iPod 5.5 Generation to me. Good prices though at $149 for 4GB and $199 for 8GB. I’m not sure about the form though. To just see it by itself, it looks too much like it’s current nickname, “the Fatty”. I just don’t know about this one. They are saying it’s the most pixel dense screen they’ve ever shipped, so it could either be gorgeous, or have an awful lot of dead pixels to annoy you with.

iPod Classic 2007iPod Classic – Finally, not only did Steve Jobs break the 100GB barrier, he went to 160GB. This is the new one I’m getting as I currently have 120GB of music. Sure it’s the same style they’ve had for ages, hence the name, but I’m all about the capacity. Considering I currently have 60GB, I’m thrilled beyond belief to go up to this one. (and, since Amazon says they won’t have it for 3 – 5 weeks, I just ordered mine from Apple.)

iPod Touch 2007iPod Touch – Oddly, this may be what my mom gets. She has wanted a mobile web device like this for ages, and it has everything she wants, so even she was excited about a new iPod.

It is exactly what I had dreamed of: An iPhone without the phone. Sadly, the capacity is just too low for me. Only 8GB or 16GB is just not a size I can go with. And the price is a bit restrictive at $299 and $399 respectively.

iPhone – A $200 price cut this soon? They’re going to be some ANGRY early adopters.

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