September 9 2007

Seven habits/quirks/facts about me

I know you would think that my 100 item list would have covered everything, but then you would be wrong.

1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
2. Tag seven people to do the same. (which I’m not going to do)

1. Anytime I change the time on my alarm clock, I have to say “alarm, alarm, alarm” to make sure I don’t forget I set it.

2. In general, people annoy me, but yet I work in retail.  Go figure.

3. I always flip to the end of a book first.  I know, I suck.

4. I go to sleep every night listening to my iPod via earphones, and I’m rarely awake for more than one song.

5. The sound of a metal knife scraping on a dinner plate makes me cringe in horror.

6.  I can not stand being poked.  Slap me, smack me, even slug me… but don’t poke me.

7.  I once got lost in Shinjuku, Tokyo for 2 & 1/2 hours… and I really didn’t mind.

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  • old high school friend

    These are my quirks in no particular order:

    1.) I feel the need to proofread everything I read. If I find a mistake, I am immediately put off!

    2.) I will not allow stickers on anything in my home, no exceptions!

    3.) I will not take two steps out of bed without putting socks on – I don’t know why.

    4.) I MUST remove all of my jewelry, underpants, pants, and socks from my body before I pooh or I will have poopers block.

    5.) When numbering items, such as in a list, I will always follow the number with a “.” and a “)” and then two spaces, whether writing or typing.

    6.) I have to pull all of my hair completely out from under my head in order to feel comfortable when I sleep. This usually results in my husband choking on it.

    7.) I hate stickey stuff, so I refuse to have honey or pancake syrup in my home. Ick!