September 13 2007

Big Brother 8

Big Brother 8Well, it’s over for the most part.  Though I’ve watched Big Brother 8 all summer, I’ve refrained from discussing it as I gave up doing reality recaps ages ago.

So why do I say it’s over, when it really isn’t?

The premise of this season was three people came into the house with people they had grudges against.  The two picture here are Danielle, and her estranged father Dick.  Over the course of the season, we learned that at some point Dick had loaned Dani some money, it didn’t go well, she stopped talking to him.  She was less than thrilled to see him come in the house, but they agreed to work together, and seemed to patch up their relationship some.

Well, teaming up obviously worked for them as they are the final two people who will face the jury, and walk away with 1st and 2nd place now.  They were not loved by their fellow houseguests, but, the rub is, now they HAVE to vote for one or the other.  My guess is Danielle will take first as Dick irritated EVERYONE in the house at some point, usually n purpose, and as part of his strategy.

These two  really divided the viewing audience with their tactics, but, I have to say… I backed them.  Their plans came off perfectly, Dick had every one in the house so mentally beat down, they were scared to try to take either of them out, and when they did try, Danielle would keep winning the Power Of Veto.

So, whatever you thought of them, they played their game, and it worked.  Congrats to them both.

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  • After years of avoiding Big Brother I finally sat down and watched the last few shows over the past two weeks and now I get why you like it. It’s def. a guilty little pleasure.


    PS Still enjoy reading your blog :)

  • Jenn – Thanks for stopping by:) I’m still pissed at LJ… bastards.

    Welcome to the addiction known as Big Brother! It IS a guilty pleasure, but damn it sucks you in!

  • I’ve been reading your blog! I miss it over at LJ, but at least it’s still out there. I’m just lazy about comments! :)