September 15 2007

Prepping for Blog Action Day

Blog Action DayI first heard about this over at Daily Blog Tips (if you blog, and this isn’t in your RSS reader yet, for shame) and then Shari brought it up, so I guess it’s time I discussed it also.

Blog Action Day is the idea that if thousands of blogs all discuss the same subject, on the  same day, that a) it will be hard to ignore us and the subject and b) it will show that blogging is a serious medium.   The event will take place on October 15th, and this year’s subject is the environment.

I am by no means an expert on ecological issues, but I believe in the basic principle of the idea of B.A.D. (… that was a bad idea), and will be joining in for that reason alone.  Blogging can, and should be, a powerful tool for people to express themselves and influence issues.  My only complaint about Blog Action Day is why it’s only scheduled for once a year?  Shouldn’t this be every six months?  Maybe even every three months, but an annual event is too far spaced apart in a place that moves as fast as the Internet does.

That being said, join in and help make this action something of true importance.

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