September 17 2007

Lying Ads

Lying Kirksville AdsOne thing about living in a town as small as Kirksville is you know pretty much everyone. Even if you don’t know their names, you see enough faces around that you recognize pretty much everyone.

That being said, the girls in this picture aren’t from Kirksville.

I run into these ads all over the Internet, and they always boggle my mind. Of course it’s just a Javascript reading my IP address to see where I’m surfing in from, but you have to wonder how many people fall for these things. Maybe it works in large city settings, who knows, but they just make me go “Really, I’m supposed to believe this?”

Course, it brings up an interesting point: Why do I never see ads like this showing men? Does the script somehow know I’m male based on my cookies, or do they just assume only lonely men are surfing the web at all hours, and no lonely women? Just something to ponder about the wonders of the web.

Oh, and to be nice, I had to keep reloading the page was on to avoid dirtier pics. While they never showed anything too bad, they sure do like to try.

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