September 18 2007

Kum & Go

Kum & GoYou know, sometimes you have to wonder what companies are thinking. As if it wasn’t bad enough we have a regional convenience store chain named Kum & Go, and at some point, when exactly, I’m not sure, they added the slogan “We Go All Out.”

We used to have two of these stores, but we’re down to just one now. It doesn’t make it any less of a head shaker though. As I am sure most people can guess, there are some creative nicknames for this chain, none of which are printable in this blog, but for them to bnow latantly play into the sexual innuendo? What were they thinking?

Okay, yes, I do know what they were thinking, but it still doesn’t make it any less offensive. Yes, I know I constantly speak out against censorship, and I still do, but there is also a point where one should exercise “self censorship”. I, for instance, try to keep my cursing on this blog to a bare minimum, I am selective of when I use it, and I always warn when I do. And this is not OVERTLY offensive, but is it really a corporate image one wants to portray for what is essentially a gas & food store?

I even admit it takes a dirty mind to get everything out of it, but when I walk in to pay for my gas, I don’t like the scuzzy feeling the slogan, let alone the name, gives this company. I mean, really, you spell it “Kum”? Were they insane at the time? They had to know how close they were to the slang word for male ejaculate (there’s a term I *never* envisioned saying on this blog), but yet, they went with it. And now the “we go all out.” bull. *sigh* I fear for the future of humanity at times, I really do.

The chain isn’t going anywhere, they’ve been around for what seems like forever now, and I honestly used to ignore them until they started using the slogan more and more. Just really poor taste if you ask me.

Kum & Go in Kirksville,MO

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