September 20 2007

Sex and the City – The Movie

Sex and the City - The MovieI don’t care how you mock me… I enjoyed the hell out of six seasons of Sex and the City. Well written, spot on acting, and just a lot of fun.

That being said, I’m still not entirely sure why they’re making a movie of it. The series gave us a pretty definitive ending. Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) had gotten her Mr. Big (Chris Noth), the other three girls had all found stable relationships, and they were all on their way to being those women who lunch, and go home to their men in the evenings.

So, here we are a couple years later and we’re getting a movie with a cloudy plot (some plot points have leaked, but surprisingly few) and I just keep asking myself “why?” (the picture to the left is from the first day of filming, click it for a super sized version)

I will probably watch the movie, heck, I may even go to the theater (it releases May 30, 2008), but I just keep thinking of HBO series that NEED a follow-up to finish them off like Carnivale and Deadwood, and aren’t getting it.

Both of these series were left wide-open at the end with unanswered questions, but, instead, we get Sex and the City. True, this series took on a life of it’s own, and verged on the point of religion for some people (Yes, M… I’m talking about you), so all I can figure is that this IS a money grab, and that’s fine, knock yourselves out, but story wise it is unnecessary.

Anything that happens in this installment will just feel like a tacked-on epilogue to me, and one the world could have probably lived without. I honestly fear it damaging the original body of work, because if it misfires, it could be so bad that you would go “Wow, was I wrong about the original work?” (coughHIGHLANDER2cough)

Oh well, here’s hoping it doesn’t go wrong.

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