September 21 2007

Phillips VoIP841B

Phillips VoIP841BBack in July I bought the Phillips VoIP841B system for my warehouse, and after trying it out for awhile, I just have to say I love it.

The basic idea is it’s a dual-mode system that can work with your traditional landline as well as your Skype account. While I have the landline plugged in, and it works fine, the Skype portion is the focus for me and it is fabulous.

While I have always loved the free VoIP service, it has been annoying to tell people “Hold on, have to get my headset!” or making sure my computer was on at the right time. With these handsets you can finally answer your Skype calls like a normal phone call, wander around as you would with any cordless phone, and no need for the computers to be on! YES!

You can do most of your Skype functions directly from the handset, such as looking at your contact list and click on any user just as you would normally from the computer.

Now, the fun part… add SkypeIn ($60.00 a year) and SkypeOut (a per minute price), or get SkypePro ($3.00 a month, discounted SkypeIn price) and you have a full VoIP system for far less than places such as Vonage. And Skype-to-Skype calls are still free.

As for the actual handsets (you can have up to 4 per base station) they are a little awkward to hold, but do have a normal earpiece headjack for you to use. Otherwise, they are as good as just about any other cordless phone I’ve ever owned for sound quality.

Anyway, I love them, and HIGHLY recommend the system for anyone who wants to lower their monthly phone bills. And how much do I love them? I just bought a second pair for my house.

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