September 22 2007

acomplaintfreeworld.orgRoy IMed me on Gtalk the other night about this.  He had read about it on the 4-hour Workweek blog and he was fairly certain I couldn’t do it.

Basically the premise is fairly simple: You get yourself one of these purple bracelets, put it on a wrist, and the first time you complain about something, you switch wrists.  The goal is to go 21 days without complaining about anything to make the world free of negativity.

Yeah… right.

I have a complaint already in the form of that stupid wristband.  I’ve written about the insanity of these things in the past, and my thoughts still hold, and seeing as how they’ve distributed 5.9 million of these things so far… lovely.  That’s neither here or there though, what’s here is that this is just silly.  And yes, I realize I am complaining about a program that aims to stop complaining, you know it, I know it, we all know it, ignore it and move on.

The way my thought process works is I need to vocalize things.  Whether it be to someone else, or even out-loud to myself, I work through problems a lot easier if I can say the problem vocally.  Even talking about it here helps, but it’s just how I work.  I am working towards a solution of a problem, or in a case like this, I feel just need to shake my head and walk away from the stupid people of this world that surrounds me.

If you want to stop complaining, good for you… just do it.  You don’t need some dumbass rubber bracelet to do it.  I think this actually speaks to a larger problem in this world and it is peoples lack of willpower.

I used to drink 6 Mountain Dews a day, when I quit, I quit cold turkey because I realized it was bad for me.  When I quit smoking, it was also cold turkey.  My weight loss of the past year has been me being fed up with how heavy I was.  You can achieve changes in your life without someone having to tell you how to do it, you just have to be determined.

So, more power to you, stop whining about life, just skip that stupid bracelet.

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