September 24 2007

The never-ending beta

The never-ending betaToday was an insane day for writing on the professional blogs (15 pieces in 5 hours for Mashable, and 2 pieces so far for BLORGE) and in all of this I noticed something…


What is it with websites being obsessed with being in “beta” mode? Eight of the stories over at Mashable today bluntly stated they were in “beta”, and for the life of me, I can not figure out why this has become the “hot” word in the Internet world. My only theory is that it’s an excuse for any bugs people may find in a site, but just look at Gmail. Three years and it’s still a “beta”?

Beta used to mean that “Hey, we’ve gone through Alpha, we killed the majority of the bugs, we just need a few Beta testers to run it through its paces, and then we can release a Gold Master for production.” Having been a beta tester before, I know these “never-ending betas” are just BS, but it would be nice to see them occasionaly emerge from this self-proclaimed title.

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