September 25 2007

Amazon Launches MP3 Store… DRM-Free

Amazon Launches MP3 Store... DRM-FreeAmazon has finally launched their MP3 store (as a beta…) and it is DRM-Free as promised! Meaning their files can be played on any MP3 player, and by either iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Not only that, but is is also encoded at 256kbs, as opposed to iTunes 192kbs, providing for a higher quality file.

Where it got weird was that over 1 million of their 2 million songs are priced at $.89 each. Wait a tick… hasn’t the music industry been whining about $.99 is too cheap? So, how is $.89, higher bitrate, AND DRM-Free, make any sense? Shouldn’t this be like the music industrie’s worst nightmare? Haven’t the said that DRM-Free music would lead to increased piracy?

Something doesn’t add up here…

Are we just seeing a hatred of Apple for some reason? Universal is in this Amazon deal, which has been rather negative towards of Apple as of late. So what is the sudden turnaround on the record labels part?

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