September 27 2007

Tax money to disguise a building

Tax money to disguise a buildingI’m sure you’ve heard about this by now. Chris Silver Smith of The Natural Search Blog ran across the buildings at left when using Google Maps, and posted it to his Flickr account, then all heck breaks loose as the media gets a hold of it.

The unfortunately designed buildings are the Naval Construction Force’s barracks in Coronado, CA. They were built in 1967, and in actuality, they are four separate L-shaped buildings with a courtyard. The design was arrived at, rather obviously, to make the best use of the plot of land.

Yes, there is no denying it looks like a Nazi swastika, and I, like most others don’t like the symbol, however, I think it’s rather silly the Navy is now planning to spend upwards of $600,000 to “disguise” the buildings.

A) They’re 40 years old, they have maybe 10 years left in them as barracks, why not just tear them down now?  If you insist on bothering with this at this time, then just build new barracks.

B) $600K because a UNINTENTIONAL idea offends some people, how about instead you just believe it was unintentional, accept the apologies, and let the money be spent on proper body armor for our currently deployed soldiers who need more?

Don’t be mistaken for a second, I despise the Nazis and everything they stood for, and I also think the buildings do suck, but I also think people need to get their priorities together and stop being so damned sensitive.  IT WASN’T INTENTIONAL!  There was no malice behind it, and I just think there are more pressing matters, that are costing lives that should be attended to first.

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