September 28 2007

Windows XP Sales Extended To June 2008

Windows XP Sales Extended To June 2008Does anyone else find it as funny as I do that Microsoft just can’t seem to escape the specter of Windows XP?

Originally Windows XP was just to disappear, but then consumers demanded it go back in to factory built computers again.  They conceded and said XP still would end sales in January 2008.

Well, now they’ve had to back off of that, and it is now going to be June 2008 before XP goes the way of the Dodo bird.

This really should come as a surprise to anyone because, let’s be honest, Vista is a disaster of an OS.  Five years of development, and it is still a bloated piece of crap.  I only know one person who speaks positively of Vista, and considering he and I agree on next to nothing, I’m not shocked.  However my other friends who have dealt with it are all telling me to stay the hell away from it.

Microsoft blew it, as seems to be their standard operating procedure, but instead of admitting they released a stinker of an OS out in the wild, they cling to it being wonderful.  Tell me this, does anyone remember when XP came out, did people cling to Windows 98 in droves?  No.  They didn’t.   I don’t think I’ve ever seen people cling so desperately to a LAST GENERATION product!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think XP is the be all, end all of OSes, but at least it’s somewhat more likable than Vista.

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