September 29 2007


VlogNo no no no no no no!

I am so NOT excited about this, but over the next few days I have to do a sample video blog for one of my projects.

I am NOT a photogenic person, I am NOT excited about this, and quite frankly am dreading it!

Where do I do it?  What do I talk about?  Do I do it serious or do I do it with humor?  I mean, most Vloggers come off as idiots, and the only one I like is Brigitte Dale from over on TV Squad, but that really won’t work in my technology setting.

Ugh, this is going to suck.  I am a writer, not an on-screen kind of person… this so doesn’t make me happy, but all the writers have to do it.


And no, I don’t plan to link to the sample.  Tough noogies for all of you!

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  • Don’t try to be funny because it rarely works and it’s much harder to be funny than informative or straightforward.

    Mainly, I can say that you need to do it as if you were really addressing another person and not a camera. This will help with the energy you project as well as your intonation and speaking style. You have to really sell it though. Most people who are uncomfortable on camera can come off as really flat and that makes you look pretty bad.

    As for where you do it, do it in a well lit place with an unfussy background (though not an area devoid of anything). I’d go with an instructional video where you teach people how to perform some complex technological task. This will keep you focussed as well as help you imagine you’re teaching someone. It could also allow you to show parts of the task and not show only your face all the time which makes for a more interesting video.

    Good luck.

  • Roy

    Can’t wait to see you complain about stuff on video!

  • Jack

    I liked Ze Frank’s video blog. But he edited it up one side and down the other–it looked pretty work intensive. Have you seen it?

  • Jack – Not familiar with that one, though it sounds vaguely familiar.

  • Roy – No, no complaining in this one… probably.

  • Shari – Thanks for the pointers. I think I’m going to wait until my allergy attack is over before I attempt this *laugh*

  • Sean, Shari nailed it with one word “energy”. I hate speaking myself, but from what I am told I do a pretty good job at it. And I can tell you I speak total Pittsburgh-ease. The reason that I think people still like to hear me, again at least this is what I am told, is because of my energy. Oh yeah and confidence. Know your stuff left, right, up, down, and inside out.

    Piece o’ cake.

    I still get nervous, never fails. ;)

  • Ah, one more piece of advice which just came to mind. Don’t speak too quickly. You’d be surprised how people start to “rush” their speaking when they get in front of a camera or mic and it makes it incomprehensible. You look nervous and sound garbled. It’s better to err on the side of slowing down your natural speech as if you were attempting to smoothly enunciate (but not over-do it) and address someone whose English wasn’t quite perfect.