September 29 2007


VlogNo no no no no no no!

I am so NOT excited about this, but over the next few days I have to do a sample video blog for one of my projects.

I am NOT a photogenic person, I am NOT excited about this, and quite frankly am dreading it!

Where do I do it?  What do I talk about?  Do I do it serious or do I do it with humor?  I mean, most Vloggers come off as idiots, and the only one I like is Brigitte Dale from over on TV Squad, but that really won’t work in my technology setting.

Ugh, this is going to suck.  I am a writer, not an on-screen kind of person… this so doesn’t make me happy, but all the writers have to do it.


And no, I don’t plan to link to the sample.  Tough noogies for all of you!

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