September 30 2007

DailyMe News

DailyMe NewsI wrote DailyMe up on Mashable this week, and I don’t thrill to bringing stories over, but I really, really, liked this site.

It’s another news aggregator site, like we need another, but this one has some nifty new twists. You can dictate the news you want by category or keywords easily enough, but the twist comes in the reading. The site paid for the rights to run the full stories from the major news sources, so no snippet and then click to go to the full story at another site, it’s all there for you.

You can either just read the stories on the site or you can set your selected stories to be delivered to your email. In what is probably the oddest twist, set it to print out from your printer at scheduled times each day. While I can understand wanting to read a hard-copy of a story so you can take it anywhere want, I just think that could get horribly expensive in a hurry.

It’s a private beta (ugh) right now, but it’s expected to go public in the next few weeks. Oh, and yes, it’s free to use.

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  • “I don’t thrill bringing stories over”.

    Was this some sort of weird word processing program substitution going on or is this new lingo in the States? All sorts of weird things get started in the U.S. and I don’t hear them until much later. I object to most of them, of course.

  • Hello Sean — thanks for your review of DailyMe.

    Just as an FYI, we have developed an algorithm so that short stories or summaries of the stories will be printed automatically (if so chosen by the reader) to reduce the number of printed pages.

    We are also working to develop a marketing program with a leading printer maker to promote a news-friendly printer that will produce double-sided, stapled pages on lower-stock glossy paper.

    Eduardo Hauser
    DailyMe, Inc.

  • Shari – I left out the word “to” , I don’t thrill to bringing stories over.

  • Eduardo – Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Sounds good on the printing front.

    As I said, I love the service, otherwise I wouldn’t have written it up as well over here:)