I was reading a post on Binary Moon today and felt compelled to leave a comment.  While doing so, I noticed something that said “dofollow” and clicked the link.  It seems there is a plugin I had not heard of called “dofollow”. Written in the base code of WordPress is a “nofollow” command.  This means… read more

*sigh* Okay folks, enough with The Last Supper already. Someone has taken a 16 gigapixel picture of the painting so you can study every detail.  And, I admit, it’s fun to look at as you can see every crack in the wall it’s painted on to, but, really, is this necessary? Can we just get… read more


October 29 2007

I got a chance to take a quick look around NBC’s new “private beta” site today, This site has been causing quite the stir as it seems this is why NBC pulled their shows from iTunes, and if the current content is any indication, Fox won’t be far behind. There are two types of… read more



October 28 2007

You know what I love about the Internet? Randomness. The other day I’m doing my normal Gmail run when I get a note from someone named Dave talking about how he agrees with me about the wonders of compact fluorescent bulbs and he mentions I should check out his blog sometime when I have a… read more

So with two full days of playing with the BlackBerry 8830, what do I think? I love it! The battery life seems to drain a bit fast, but otherwise the phone is a dream to use.  And best of all, with my 7290, I was lucky if I got 1 bar of signal when standing… read more

I was cleaning my desk during this whole computer saga (the tower is back… it was wiped and is working fine), and I noticed something: Why do I still have a huge pile of blank 3.5″ floppy disks? I haven’t had a computer with a 3.5″ drive in years, yet I have a stack of… read more


Well, through no choice of my own, I’ve switched my BlackBerry and my carrier. My contract with T-Mobile didn’t expire until April 2nd of next year, but since my BlackBerry 7290 stopped charging for some odd reason… I was kinda stuck. Well, my parents had a spare line on their Sprint family plan, and I… read more

I swear I’ve gotten to the point I just despise computers. This is exactly what my Dimension 5150 looks like, even down to the card reader.  Now, as far as I can tell, what’s going on is NOT Dell’s fault, but… Windows XP is just totally screwed up.  And I mean BADLY screwed up.  To… read more


Well, this is an odd feeling.   It seems I work for the #1 blog in the UK (the link keeps going up and down) and I didn’t even know it.  True, it was only announced today, but still, kinda cool. When I joined Mashable, we were 12th on the Technorati world list, and since then… read more

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October 22 2007

Adios Laughlin

And the first cancellation of the season goes to… Viva Laughlin. I can’t say as I’m surprised. As usual, we try to import a show from England and we totally botch it up. With Hugh Jackman involved I had some hope of it being a worthy copy of Blackpool, which I enjoyed, but, alas, it… read more


October 21 2007

Getting ahead

I’m trying desperately to get ahead on my various blogging projects, and I swear, it never works. Daily Blog Tips did a great post on this a while back (seriously, every blogger needs to have this in their RSS feed). The post was about six tips for a more stress-free blogging life, and #4 really… read more

I’m not sure why, but Yahoo! Mail just tends to annoy me more than anything else any more. Correction: Yahoo! in general annoys me, but I’ll be specific to the mail. After a post I did in August, where Roy and Luis taught me, via comments, about the aspects of GMail I was missing out… read more

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