October 4 2007

Buffy Season 8, Issue 7


Buffy Season 8, Issue 7Characters Seen:

This was the second part of the Faith-centric story arc, No Future For You. It’s time for the big birthday party for Lady Genevieve Savidge, and Faith’s chance to try to fulfill her deal with Giles to take her out.

Having been trained by Giles to be a proper English lady, Faith heads off to the party, promptly dumps her voice link to Giles, and gets in to the party by insulting people… but in a proper English style.

She’s ready to take out the Lady as she waits in the reception line, but she gets cold feet. It seems the knife fight with Buffy on top of that building at the end of Season 3 still is a little too fresh in her mind, and gutting another slayer is just not her idea of a good time right now. The warlock training the evil slayer seems to be on to Faith though, and instructs his Gargoyle minions to kill her if she so much as curtsies wrong.

Faith goes out for a smoke, trying to work up the courage to do the job, when the Lady joins her out on the balcony for a smoke. The two girls quickly bond, but Faith knows there is still a job to do, and when she pulls the knife from her hair, the Gargoyles attack. It’s a hell of a fight, but she finally gets them to collide, shattering to dust, but it knocks her out cold.

Faith comes to in a bed, hearing the warlock saying they should kill her, but the evil slayer won’t hear of it, she wants Faith beside her as she becomes “Queen”. It seems that the ultimate plan is for evil slayer to kill the reigning “Queen” of the slayers… Buffy.

There was one small interlude of Willow still trying to get out of Dawn what type of spell made her in to a giant, but otherwise, this issue was all Faith, all the time. It was “okay”, but not that much happened, and felt like the middle of an arc, just spinning it’s wheels until we get to the meat of the story.

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