October 6 2007

More Blogging Work

More Blogging WorkSomeday I should really learn how to say “no”.

This seemed like such a simple idea when I started: Find some blogging work, earn a couple hundred bucks a month.  Well, it seemed like a good idea, but, apparently I’m good at it.

I got approached by a company to ghost write a corporate blog (hence why I can’t link it) from them following my work on the other blogs I was working on.  I had actually approached this company early on, but we hadn’t been able to find a fit for me.  They had a project come up I seemed suited to, so now I’m blogging there once a day now.  I have also been asked to be a guest blogger on another site about blogging and social media, and since they offered a link to this site (what a concept, actually getting to promote my own site!), I agreed to it.  They have no requirements as to frequency, so I can  just write for that one when it strikes my fancy.

I’ve finally gotten in to a groove with balancing my day job and my “night job”, as I call it, but finding time to do any side projects is at zero.  My plan to start a novel this year?  Totally shelved.  My nearly 3-year long fan fiction project is at a crawl.  I finally popped Halo 3 in my Xbox for the first time today, even though I’ve had it since release day.

So, yes, if I could ever learn the ability to say “no” to a project, it would be nice.  The drawback is, if you do say no, and you need them down the road, they’ll remember you said it.

Oh well… back to blogging.

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