October 9 2007

WordPress Plugins

WordPress PluginsOne thing I always find annoying when visiting a blog is seeing a feature I would like to add to my own, but then the blogger won’t tell me which plugin they used! So, that got me to thinking I would share with all of you which one’s I’m using, and a brief comment on why I’m using it.

Akismet – I actually use multiple anti-spam plugins, and only finally integrated this one recently.

Click Tracking – This was a recent addition. It gives me a “heat map” in my admin area that shows me which portions of the page people click on. The more clicks an area gets, the redder the dot. Gives me a much better idea of what on the site is working.

Drop-down Archive Widget – Does just what it says, makes the archives in to a drop-down menu to conserve physical space on the page.

Enforce www. Preference – This is a SEO tool. The search engines will index you better if everyone comes in to one address. So even if you just enter “”, the system adds the WWW for you.

FeedBurner FeedSmith – Helps add the Feedburner feed to my RSS settings.

Google Adsense widget – This is a tool for managing your Google AdSense in the sidebar.

Google AnalyticatorGoogle Analytics requires you to embed some code in your PHP files, this plugin helps assure it gets placed in the right place, even if you change themes.

Google Search widget – I don’t think this one is available anymore, but it adds a Google search box to your sidebar.

Google XML Sitemaps – Finally updated for WP 2.3! Creates a sitemap searchbots can read.

MyBlogLog Widget – Adds the widget to the side that shows those with MyBlogLog accounts who surf in. Kind of pointless, but fun.

OneClick Installer – I just installed this one and love it. Download a plugin or theme as a zip file, go to your admin, point it to the zip file and it will install your new item for you with no fuss. Lot faster than FTPing it in.

On this day – I’ve been debating this one for awhile, then I saw Luis use it, and decided it really is necessary for those of us who blog daily. Shows on the sidebar posts from the same day for past years.

SEO_Wordpress – This one is pretty geeky, but is just about cleaning up the SEO of your WordPress install.

Share This – Adds that little green box at the end of each entry that says “Share This”. Quick way to add emailing an entry to people.

Shylock Adsense – Another recent addition, allows you to set a date to add Google Ads to older posts. As soon as a post turns 30-days old, this plugin inserts ads in to it.

Simple Recent Comments Widget – Shows the last few comments you received in your sidebar.

Sociable – Adds all those social bookmarking links to the bottoms of my posts.

Spam Karma 2 – Another comment spam killer.

Subscribe me – I really don’t need this one since I have Feedburner, but it was a simple way to add the RSS button since people understand that better sometimes.

Subscribe To Comments – Allows you to have a checkbox to let readers opt-in to being notified via email when there is a follow-up comment on a post they read.

WordPress Database Backup – I love the most recent update to this plugin! It has always backed up your blog for you, but now you can set it to do it automatically once a day and have the file emailed to you. I have this done every afternoon and emailed to my Gmail account.

WordPress Mobile EditionJo was the one to let me know about this one. It allows your blog to be stripped down to the bare essentials to be read on mobile devices such as BlackBerrys.

Any you want to suggest? Let me know!

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