October 13 2007

Gmail getting bigger?

Gmail getting bigger?Looks like Gmail may be bumping those free accounts to 4GB by the end of the month, and rumors are 6GB in January.

Remember when I talked about a Firefox extension that turns Gmail accounts in to virtual storage drives?  Heh.  It’ll be like having a 4GB hard drive added to all your computers.  (and 6GB later on)

A lot of folks go “But Yahoo has unlimited space already!”  This is true… and they have a lousy interface.  I can hardly ever load my old emails on Yahoo, but with Google they always pop right up.  Gee… what a shock.

This really leads me to something I’ve noticed lately that Yahoo is just sucking for the most part.  None of their technology is updating, it’s beginning to look dated, and if they want any hope of keeping up with Google, they need to invest in some new tech, and they need to do it soon.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I thought to go to Yahoo first, and that used to be a multiple times a day stop for me.

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