October 16 2007

Music problems everywhere

Music problems everywhereEven in Scotland there are music problems it seems.

The Kwik-Fit chain of car service centers in the UK is being sued… for playing their radios too loud. The Performing Rights Society, a UK based organization charged with watching over musical copyrights, is saying that employees of the chain play their personal radios too loud, and this qualifies as a public performance as customers can hear the copyrighted material. Kwik-Fit maintains that the playing of personal radios is not permitted, but the PRS has documented evidence of more than 250 accounts since 2005 in the service centers. The total bill is £200,000 in damages, just a little over $400,000 USD.

“Damages”? Seriously… “damages”?  I have always felt this was such a load of hooey when it comes to “public” performance.  The United States has similar groups that will go in to businesses and demand licensing fees if they feel your radio is over a certain decibel level to make it for more than “personal enjoyment”.  My feeling is if it is true over the air radio, as in a radio station, shut up, and get out of my face.  You’re getting your cut where you need, and if I want to play the radio at a level that *I* enjoy, then I’m going to listen to said radio at that level.  Who are you to say what my “personal enjoyment” level is?  Perhaps I want my chest to thump when I hear a drum beat, that’s my choice.  If someone else can hear it, too bad.

My disgust with the music industry just keeps growing and growing.  At what point will they finally go “Ya know… I think we’ve come up with enough ways to earn money, we’re good.”?  Instead they just keep grabbing more and more, just making people such as myself think “Ya know… I really don’t ever need any more new music, thanks!”

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