October 17 2007

iPod Touch

Classic vs TouchYes, I am currently in possession of an iPod Touch, but no one freak, it’s not mine, it’s my mom’s. I did not buy a Classic and then turn around and buy yet another iPod… I swear.

All that being said, my mother is currently out of town, so I’m playing with it so I can teach her how to use it when she gets back. So… easy blog entry as I give some thoughts.

I don’t get who this is for.

Seriously, it is absolutely perfect for her needs as she is out on the road 26 weeks a year, and it’s a pain in the ass to haul out her laptop to check for hotel rooms. With this, she just needs a Wi-Fi connection and she’s set. So, perfect for her.

For the general populace… it’s an over-priced toy. Yes, you could say that about any iPod, but this one in particular seems extreme. The biggest selling point, to me at least, is the Internet capabilities, but who’s going to sit around doing serious surfing on a screen this size? And blogging? Forget it, you’d go insane. So when you strip away the Internet portion you’re left with… a really expensive iPod.

You can’t even classify it as a PDA (at least not yet) since you can’t enter new calendar entries from it. You can add new contacts, but not update your calendar? What the heck?!? I will say the keyboard works far better than I expected, but I still don’t see adding too many contacts that way.

Yes, it plays videos too, but the idea of watching a whole movie this way, except for maybe an overseas flight, just doesn’t appeal to me.

SizeThere’s no denying it’s small, and there is an allure to that, but, again, the price pops up. For your common, everyday person, I just don’t know if there is enough value here to warrant the price. If you travel a lot on business, I could see it, but if you’re in an office, near computers all the time, then no, there’s nothing here. If you really only 16GB of music storage, save yourself a couple hundred and get yourself an iPod Nano. I would even give college students, with campus wide Wi-Fi a “maybe”, but if you’re between classes, are you looking at a website, or where you’re walking?

Overall it’s cool, perfect for what my mom needs it to do, but not so great for John Q. Public I feel.

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  • Michele

    Sean – oh wise person of computer…. any news that Mac will ever get around to turning Ipods/Iphones into more fully fuctioning versions of their cousins the PDA?

    I use my Treo all the time. Attached at the hip – phone calls, email, texting, some online, calendars, AND my favorite feature DOCUMENTS TO Go

    I use it for my work for everything from bus call information, flight info, contracts to reading a certain sites fan fic that I have saved into word format.

    Without this feature – especcially for work – I see the Iphone/Ipod as a subpar mating of what excited me about the day that Treos mated with a typical cell phone.

    Having gotten great at the typing on a a Treo the keypad – Iphone no stylus typing also worries me but not as much as not being able to have documents saved on the phone in the format I wish to see them as.

    Thoughts? Knowledge?

  • Michele – The rumor is possibly next year. There are rumors floating around about a new “Newton” (the first Apple PDA, though I doubt they would use that name again). But, for now, stick with the Treo. The iPhone is not a “business minded” device… yet.

  • Michele

    Thanks Sean. Surprised they aren’t jumping on the business model idea sooner but happy to know rumors are they are moving on it.

    Hope all is well

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