October 18 2007

Internet Woes

Cable One LogoYesterday, at approximately 5:45 PM, I lost my Internet connection… for 15 hours.  It was due to a horrendous thunderstorm we were having, and everyone in my area went out.  It did teach me some interesting things though.

  1. Cable One does a lousy job of updating their national call center on what the heck is going on.  “Well… I think they’re working on the problem.”  Really? It’s seven-hours in to this and you “think”?
  2. I am in desperate need of a dial-up ISP as a back-up for Internet access.  As much as it would pain me to be at dial-up speeds, at least I would be able to send out some emails to let people know I’m down instead of calling a friend in Boston to dictate emails to her.
  3. If one makes their living on the Internet (blogging and online ecomm stores), being without the Internet is like having both arms and legs tied behind your back… and not in the “fun” way.
  4. 15 hours of not checking my RSS reader leads to an annoyingly full reader.
  5. I had the most visitors ever to my blog yesterday, and I have no clue why.  Apparently I should disappear more.
  6. As I was writing this, my blog went down…

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