October 19 2007

Office Temperature

Office TempratureThis is an odd topic for discussion, but this just never ceases to amaze me.

What’s so fascinating you ask?  Why the temperature of my office of course!

As you can see from the lousy pictures I shot, when I got to work at 10:00 AM, the office was at 71F.  (and it actually changed from 70 to 71 as I was about to shoot the picture)  Then at 1:15 PM it hit 86F, turning on the AC.

Okay, this may not seem all that odd, but… it’s only 61F today outside with a lot of wind blowing.  It’s actually fairly brisk if you go outside.  Not in the office though, oh no, it’s shorts weather in here!

Our heating is run on natural gas, a 500 gallon tank powers it, and all winter last year we didn’t even have to refill it we use so little.  I’m not sure what we did when built this building (a 3,000 square foot metal pull building), but this office is sealed up like a submarine it would appear.

The office isn’t huge, but it’s not exactly tiny either.  I’m the only one in the office today, so it’s not excessive body heat… maybe… unless three sleeping cocker spaniels generate a ton of heat, but it was like this before they came to work with me everday.

Either way, it’s October 19th, 86F in my office, and the AC is on… that’s just messed up.

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