October 21 2007

Getting ahead

Getting aheadI’m trying desperately to get ahead on my various blogging projects, and I swear, it never works.

Daily Blog Tips did a great post on this a while back (seriously, every blogger needs to have this in their RSS feed). The post was about six tips for a more stress-free blogging life, and #4 really jumped out at me:

4. Write more than you publish

Like the simple but true ’spend less that you earn’ principle of saving, you can develop a surplus of blog posts by writing more than you publish.

Let’s say you wrote one extra blog post a week for one year. At the end of the year, you’d have 52 surplus posts: enough to put your blog on autopilot for almost two months! You can also dip into these surplus posts when you don’t feel like writing, or experience some other kind of blogging emergency.

I love this idea, and with a possible trip in my future (I’m not jinxing myself this time, and not saying a word until I have a ticket!), I need some surplus posts built up. I would rather not use them, but it would just be nice to know they’re around if I need them.  The problem lies in the fact that I’m trying to do it for more than just this blog.

All told, I have four mandatory posts a day to do, and one big post that I work on at night.  So I am already generating five posts a day, every day.  Two of the four daily ones, I can build up a surplus, the other two are to timely.  And the big night time one, I need to talk to my editor to see how he wants to handle it.

But, with my day job, and already writing so much content each day, I’m just burned out by the time I get to the “extra writing” portion of the day.  That’s part of why I’m doing these real late night posts on this blog so that I can possibly free up some time elsewhere.

No, this post had no real point, but I’m frustrated and I want some surplus posts darn it!

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