October 22 2007

Adios Laughlin

Adios LaughlinAnd the first cancellation of the season goes to… Viva Laughlin.

I can’t say as I’m surprised. As usual, we try to import a show from England and we totally botch it up. With Hugh Jackman involved I had some hope of it being a worthy copy of Blackpool, which I enjoyed, but, alas, it sucked.

They did so much wrong it’s hard to even begin to figure out where it went wrong.  I think namely the actors sang WITH the original singers was part of the problem.  The writing was flat, most of the acting was over-the-top, and it just didn’t catch the right vibe of the original.

Oh well, I kinda knew this would happen, but I still checked it out, and now I have one less show to worry about.

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