October 22 2007

Adios Laughlin

Adios LaughlinAnd the first cancellation of the season goes to… Viva Laughlin.

I can’t say as I’m surprised. As usual, we try to import a show from England and we totally botch it up. With Hugh Jackman involved I had some hope of it being a worthy copy of Blackpool, which I enjoyed, but, alas, it sucked.

They did so much wrong it’s hard to even begin to figure out where it went wrong.  I think namely the actors sang WITH the original singers was part of the problem.  The writing was flat, most of the acting was over-the-top, and it just didn’t catch the right vibe of the original.

Oh well, I kinda knew this would happen, but I still checked it out, and now I have one less show to worry about.

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  • Jo

    We watched both shows too and laughed at the campiness of it. It was something to watch cause the DVR is empty by that time of the week with anything else. Oh well, Amazing Race is fixing to start up so there will be something to enjoy.

  • Blackpool was, thankfully, not campy, but an out-and-out murder mystery. I’m not sure what they were smoking in the Laughlin writer’s room. YAY AR!

  • Michele

    Hardly worth even being called Blackpool. Why is it that studio exs or the like can’t figure out not to mess with the best parts of a show when they bring them here.

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