October 23 2007, #1 blog in the UK, #1 blog in the UKWell, this is an odd feeling.   It seems I work for the #1 blog in the UK (the link keeps going up and down) and I didn’t even know it.  True, it was only announced today, but still, kinda cool.

When I joined Mashable, we were 12th on the Technorati world list, and since then I’ve seen us go to #9, and our current position at #8.  We have quite a way to go to become #7, and I fear we may get caught by those damned LOL cats at some point.

And I have to say it felt a bit odd being pointed out by name in Pete’s (the owner) post as I don’t feel I’ve contributed that much, but it was nice to be acknowledged all the same.  (for those who would like to take a gander, you can find a full archive of my posts here)

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