October 26 2007

The changing technology landscape

The chnaging technology landscapeI was cleaning my desk during this whole computer saga (the tower is back… it was wiped and is working fine), and I noticed something: Why do I still have a huge pile of blank 3.5″ floppy disks?

I haven’t had a computer with a 3.5″ drive in years, yet I have a stack of approximately 30 blanks that I’ve been moving around from office-to-office with me.

It just made me think about how important this format used to be to the computing world.  Everyone would have spares of these laying around, cataloged full ones, and so on.  And when you think about it, they only stored 1.44mb each, not even enough for one MP3 file.  Now I carry around SD cards that can store 2GB, and if I dropped them, I could lose them forever for not being able to find them for being so small.

Just makes me ponder where we will be a few years from now.  Will I look at my 2GB thumb drive and snicker?

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