October 28 2007

DavesDetours.comYou know what I love about the Internet? Randomness.

The other day I’m doing my normal Gmail run when I get a note from someone named Dave talking about how he agrees with me about the wonders of compact fluorescent bulbs and he mentions I should check out his blog sometime when I have a moment. Well, as I visit, on average, 600+ websites in a week between my various jobs, what’s one more?

So I jet on by and somehow this guy has hooked up with Hanes to go around the country talking to people about how the stay comfortable.  However, I noticed as I watched the videos, very rarely does he ever get around to that question.  Instead he ends up doing things like arm wresting 50 Cent (and loses his watch to the rapper) or dancing with the FSU all-girls dance team.

In short… if there are any companies looking to sponsor a grumpy, middle-aged, over weight guy to travel around the country to promote your product… I’m available.

Seriously, how do you land a gig like this?!?  It reminds me a bit of when Jeff Probst was considering leaving the hosting gig on Survivor.   He said in several interviews that he wanted to leave, travel the world, see some sights, experience other cultures… it then dawned on him that he was being PAID to do this.  I want a job where I get paid to just travel around and do things.  Sure, it is work, but what a way to earn your living.

Anyway, if you get a moment, swing by Dave’s, it’s amusing.

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