October 30 2007

I could strangle Dan Brown

Last Supper In Detail*sigh*

Okay folks, enough with The Last Supper already.

Someone has taken a 16 gigapixel picture of the painting so you can study every detail.  And, I admit, it’s fun to look at as you can see every crack in the wall it’s painted on to, but, really, is this necessary?

Can we just get past the whole The Da Vinci Code obsession and get on with our lives?  Yes, it was a “fun” book.  Not really a “good” book, or even a “great” book, it was fun fluff.  Nothing more.  Yes, the person to the right of Jesus has a bit of a feminine look to them, but this still doesn’t point to some great mystery.

The “floating knife” is clearly in Peter’s hand, and, yes, it is held at an odd angle, but it still doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

This is like the guy who reversed the image and “discovered” all sorts of “secrets”.   It’s a painting!  Yes, it is famous.  Yes, it is gorgeous to look at.  Does it mean it holds some amazing secrets about the life of Jesus?  No.  Does it mean Dan Brown’s book was true?  No.

I just can’t believe the amount of energy and technology that gets wasted on this non-story.

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