I am sure the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers (AMPTP) felt their offer to the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) would make it look like they are the ones trying to seriously settle the ongoing writer’s strike, but, alas, their offer was a joke. Dubbed the “New Economic Partnership”, according to an anonymous… read more

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This has been all over the media, so I assume most of you have heard about it by now, but for those who haven’t, a nurse in Massachusetts wants to ban the spanking of children entirely, including in your home. The theory is that spanking is as much a crime as domestic abuse and it… read more


Music TV

November 28 2007

The Only Gay Eskimo

I’m not one for sharing YouTube videos usually, but this is one of those rare occasions.  This aired in the second season of Mad TV, you know, when it was actually funny.   Anyway, one episode featured a now defunct comedy troupe called Corky and the Juice Pigs singing a song called “I’m The Only… read more



November 27 2007

Movie News Day

Zack Snyder, director of 300, is hard at work on his adaptation of the classic comic book work, Watchmen. He posted some new images on his blog, one of I have here to the left. (Click it for a much larger view) You can see the other super-sized pictures here, here, and here. I enter… read more

I love the idea of being able to see how many people are subscribing to the RSS feed, but it sure would be nice if I could rely on Feedburner to be accurate. Maybe it’s this inaccurate with everyone, but somehow I doubt people subscribe and unsubscribe from my feed quite at the speed Feedburner… read more


November 25 2007

2007 Holiday Viewing

In what is becoming an annual list, I’m going to share the holiday programming I enjoy every year. A Christmas Carol – Patrick Stewart is a classically trained actor and he brings a powerful tone to the role of Scrooge. A fantastic version of this classic tale of Christmas spirit. A Christmas Story – Set… read more

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Recently my Mother was out of town on business, and I had sorted the mail for her while she was out. This lovely example to the left is the catalogs she got while she was gone. Mind you, this was after I had already thrown out the duplicates that she sometimes gets. So the result… read more

Not that it matters to 99.9% of you, but I have chosen my High Def format and… I went HD-DVD. I ordered my Toshiba HD-A35 and will be getting it next week. So why did I finally decide on HD-DVD over Blu-ray?  (In no particular order) Cost – HD-DVD is bringing their prices down much… read more



November 22 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Ugh… yeah, like pretty much every other American, I ate too much. And, yes, this picture was my dinner. Damn my weakness for stuffing! Something interesting happened though: Why did I take a picture of my meal? Over the past few years I have become friends with a woman from a foreign country in the… read more


November 21 2007

First Snow

It was 70F on Tuesday, and today we’re expecting as much as 2″ of snow.  It won’t stick as the ground is still too warm for it. I took this picture this afternoon from the front porch of my warehouse (yes, that’s “my” truck, though I avoid driving it like the plague as it is… read more

Well, the mysterious movie “1-18-08” finally has a name, and it is “Cloverfield“. This name has long been rumored, and it was known that the film was using this name as a cover during some of its filming. Everyone is a little shocked it ended up being the actual title. Pictured to the left is… read more


November 19 2007

DVD Sets

I have come to the conclusion that if an older television series I like comes out on DVD, I am waiting until all the seasons are out and wait see what happens. The “Complete Series” box sets trick is quickly annoying me. Let’s take Buffy, The Vampire Slayer as an example. Going through Amazon, seasons… read more


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