November 2 2007

How to get on my naughty list with bad business etiquette

Santa DisapprovesWhat has happened to business etiquette?

Has the Internet so deteriorated normal etiquette that has now gotten in to business also? There are some very basic rules that everyone should follow, and it just doesn’t seem to be happening any more.

There are two key ones that are annoying me the most right now.

No acknowledgment

If I send in an application for a writing job, at least take the time to drop me a note saying you got my app, or a rejection letter would suffice. I have applied to several blogs that I never hear so much as the word “boo” from them.

Did they get my app? Did I suck? Let me at least know something so you don’t leave me hanging! And considering I hold off on applying to other jobs when I have a certain number of apps out, so as to not get too many acceptances at once (HA!), and get bogged down with too much work.

It’s just plain rude to not at lease say SOMETHING!

Addressing me by my first name

When making the initial greeting with a business contact, I always address the person as “Mr.” or “Ms.” so-and-so. Until there is a certain level of familiarity, or I am given permission to use their first name, I will continue this practice. It is proper business procedure.

So, imagine my dismay when I get emails from people that just start out “Sean,…”

Excuse me? Do I know you? No, I don’t. And out of proper respect, I am Mr. Aune until I tell you otherwise, which will usually be within one to two emails. It has nothing to do with respecting me as a person, but respecting how business is done, and has been done for years upon years. I don’t particularly care for “Mr. Aune”, but I expect it as a standard business practice, but I can’t remember when someone actually did it. Between my day job and writing, I get a ton of emails each day, a lot of them being initial contacts, and no one does this any more.

Thanks, Internet!

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