November 3 2007

Standard Time

ClockI hate Standard Time.

I know, you’re all shocked I hate something… you’ll get over it.

Since I work until 6 PM every day for the day job, I despise coming home in the dark… it’s just annoying.  And when I look in to the reasons behind WHY we even do this, no one seems to even agree.  It has come and gone over the past century, but finally settled in in 1966.

We’ve now extended Daylight Savings Time to save energy, so my question would be “Why don’t we just keep it year round?”  This is in addition to the fact we add more hours of darkness to the majority of people’s lives during the cold part of the year?  Why not keep the sun around later in to the evening?

If someone understands all this, or can point me to a better resource, please feel free to comment and let me know!

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