November 7 2007

Firefox Beta 3 out in the wild

FirefoxWell, it’s a few days early, but some crafty people found copies of Firefox 3 Beta for everyone to download.

I already wrote about it today on, so I don’t want to repeat myself  too much, but I am sure hoping that all my broken extensions get fixed soon.

It makes you kind of wonder what sort of radical changes were made “under the hood”, so to speak, that it broke EVERY ONE of my extensions.  None of my toolbars work, none of my nifty little status bar messages, and, worst of all, Foxmarks isn’t working!   Oh well, that’s part of the danger of playing with Beta software.

For now at least, I am only changing on one of my computers until all the fixes are worked out.  This wasn’t supposed to be out until this Friday, so I’m not surprised there is a bit of a rough ride for now.

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  • BTW, just as a side-note: I’ve noticed that your blog takes a lot longer to load on my browser than any of the other sites I visit. This is true on Firefox as well as Safari 2 on Tiger, but most noticeable on Safari. Just FYI.

  • Luis – any clue at what point it hangs, or is it just general? I’ve noticed it pause a couple times when it loads the Amazon ad in the right column, I’m considering swapping it out.

  • It just generally seems to be slow, but I do notice that it takes a while for the main area with the posts to load. I did not look carefully at what was being rendered during the wait, partially because I wasn’t thinking that any one element did it like that. But I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if I notice anything.

  • …like with that comment, it took about 20-30 seconds for it to stop whirring; once the page started to reload, it did not take too much longer, or hang at any one particular point.