November 7 2007

Firefox Beta 3 out in the wild

FirefoxWell, it’s a few days early, but some crafty people found copies of Firefox 3 Beta for everyone to download.

I already wrote about it today on, so I don’t want to repeat myself  too much, but I am sure hoping that all my broken extensions get fixed soon.

It makes you kind of wonder what sort of radical changes were made “under the hood”, so to speak, that it broke EVERY ONE of my extensions.  None of my toolbars work, none of my nifty little status bar messages, and, worst of all, Foxmarks isn’t working!   Oh well, that’s part of the danger of playing with Beta software.

For now at least, I am only changing on one of my computers until all the fixes are worked out.  This wasn’t supposed to be out until this Friday, so I’m not surprised there is a bit of a rough ride for now.

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