November 11 2007

Asian Beetles

Harmonia AxyridisHarmonia Azyridis may look like a Lady Bug, but… they’re not.

The little bastards bugs were released in this country to control the spread of aphids, but apparently we didn’t keep them in check. Now every fall/winter we’re treated to exploding populations of these flying little bastards. And if you don’t keep up with them, killing them as soon as you see them, you get treated to their enormous reproduction rate.

Why kill them?

However, the fun of killing them? The smell! It’s a defensive measure to keep predators away, but when you pick them off with your hands, you get the lovely smell all over them.

So, my inventive method of getting rid of them? Packing tape. I cut off a strip, walk around the house, tapping them with the tape, and when done, I seal it back on itself and toss it. They’re trapped, no smell on my hands, and they’re gone.

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